Sunday, October 2, 2016

Person Of Interest: Thank You To The Best Fandom In The World

In April 2016, I posted this article: CBS Cancels Person Of Interest. It is a rather long rant and I appreciate everyone who read it and made it all the way through.

I cannot express in words just how much I love Person of Interest and how upset, angry and pissed off I am at its demise. It has been four months since the finale and my feelings of anger and frustration at CBS's stupid decision are not subsiding.

I am also equally sure that my friends on Facebook and Twitter who are not Person of Interest fans are sick of my posts about POI. I suppose they can block me if they choose, because I don't intend to stop until I hear a flat out "No!" from the networks saying that it won't happen. This fight could take years and I am up for that.

Over the next few days, I intend to break this article up into shorter ones to post on Social media. I believe that we cannot give up if we hope for this show to return and I am asking the fans of Person of Interest for support in fighting for the best show on TV in many, many years.

Sign the petition if you haven't already and retweet this article. Write your own Tweets and Facebook posts about how much you love Person of Interest and tell the networks why you love this show so much. Post your favourite Photos and especially YouTube videos of Person of Interest, so other people can see for themselves just how fantastic this show was.

I must also thank Alison for her comment back in April. I apologise for not replying and I will do so soon. I want you to know that your words and thoughts mean a lot to many fans who are grieving the loss of this show. And what you said about Longmire gives me hope that one day Netflix or another network will pick up Person of Interest.

Okay, so I'm going to keep this short and to the point and I will catch you all around on Facebook, Twitter and other places where the POI fans gather.

Many thanks to the best fandom in the world.

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