Sunday, January 11, 2015

Open Letter To 2CC Regarding Online Earning Scam

Dear Mark and Marcus 

I am an online content writer and want to get the word out about an Internet Scam regarding a site by the name of They are based in San Francisco in California. It is a blogging site, where writers post blogs in return for a share of advertising revenue, the share is supposed to be fifty percent.

The management of this site are consistently not paying their writers and thousands of writers are now out of pocket to the tune of thousands of dollars. Many writers have started deleting their content, so this site will probably sink due the loss of content which brings in advertising revenue.

What I want to do is inform the public about joining this site or trusting it. There is a significant number of Australian writers who blog there and have likely been ripped off. And many people from the UK, USA and countries like the Philippines and India. I intend on making a complaint to the California state’s attorney, the BBB (better business bureau) and other organizations that I have become aware of where you can lodge a complaint.

For me, it is not about the money, but the lies that were told to us writers over the last year. The out and out fraud of which I have documentation that proves their fraudulent activity. I have to say I saw the writing on the wall wit this site in Aug 2013 and moved onto greener pastures. I was told my missing payments would be investigated and then my many emails were ignored. I still have money within the site that was earned via residual income, and I probably have little hope of getting this payment, but if they do not pay, then I can report them for fraud. In a way I am hoping they don't pay me. Rumor is rife that the FBI have began an investigation, I am unsure of how true this is.

I have moved on and not looked back, but my concern is that they are still soliciting new membership and are determined in convincing writers that things will improve. The sites had hundreds of thousands of members, because they offered generous compensation that they simply could not afford to pay the writers. For the sake of the Australian writers who are still a part of this site, I want to get the word out, so these writers do not get ripped off. Most probably already have missed payments, but they need to be aware that these payments will never be honored. The link below confirms this:

I have found other places to write and website owners have approached me and become my private clients, so what happens in terms of how it affects me is not why I am doing this. I have made many online friends during this experience and some of these people were relying on this income to provide for their families, it stinks to high heaven and should not be allowed to happen.

All I ask from you is that you put the word out to online writers in Australia to stay away from this site and advise me on where I can go in terms of the mass media to get the word out. The amount of online content writers in Australia is not huge, compared to the US, but I met plenty on this site and have met many Australian content writers on Facebook. I have already started blogging about this on my personal blogs and spreading the word this way, but I think that more needs to be done.

I'm sending you a link to an article here written by a respected online writer which will give you the details on what has happened here.

Again I need to stress the point that this is not about me, other people who I consider online friends were relying on those funds. I have other places to write and private clients because I never put all my eggs in the one writing basket. In fact I just scored a job a few minutes ago, that is on a topic I love writing about.

This site needs to be shut down, and I believe these fraudsters should go to jail. I wrote to Luke Bona about this earlier and now I am writing to you and will also send a copy of this to Marcus. Canberra missed you guys over the holidays, but I really hope you enjoyed York, Mark. I was born in Perth too and love WA, it is God’s country.

Just so you know, I don't expect you to announce this on the radio, I just want to know how to go about making this public. I do have evidence to back this up, but I have no idea who to contact to get my message out to writers within Australia.

Thanks in advance guys.

Janelle Coulton

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