Monday, June 2, 2014

Things That I Hate

Today I want going to talk about my pet hates. None of us like the word hate, but it's a word that we use constantly. We don't like to think of ourselves as hating on others, but hate is a human emotion; just like love.

So below are the things that I really hate the most:

*People who are self entitled, selfish and have an over inflated sense of their own importance.

*Drunks – While it's great to unwind with a few drinks, I cannot stand cantankerous and nasty drunks, or people who cannot hold their liquor. 

*People who use drugs – Generally I don't have a problem with recreational pot smokers, or even people who use speed or cocaine, but I cannot deal with people who have a addiction and steal from others or treat their loved ones like crap because of their drug addiction. Anyone who is seeking help to get free of their addiction to drugs I salute them as I sure would not want to be where they are.

*Liars – There's nothing worse than being lied to, especially by people you think you should be able to trust. And getting lied to by your own family, partner or friends is the worst feeling ever.

*Rude Service People – My daughter encountered an extremely rude service person when she tried to book a bus ticket for my step son who was travelling home recently. Instead of being nice in his explanation about needing ID, he was out and out rude, and in the end after putting her through that rubbish, he sold her the ticket.

*Crowded Malls and Shopping Centres – These places give me a panic attack and I avoid them at all costs, not to mention the rude people that just shove their way past you.

*Interfering People – People who cannot keep their noses out of your business really tick me off, most of these people do not understand the meaning of boundaries or privacy.

*Pessimistic People – These people just bring you down, they are so full of negativity and it is awful and the reason they behave this way is usually self pity, and they are sometimes trying to gain attention and sympathy.

Well that must seem like quite a list and I am sure if I though about it some more there are many more things that I hate, however what I written above are the important ones. Lately I have been really cranky with the Government and Politicians and the stupid games they play, however I have a choice about that one, I just simply turn off the radio, watch DVDs instead of TV and skip buying a newspaper for a while.

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